Storytelling & communication

‘All the members of the international team have said how much they enjoyed and benefited from the storytelling day. It was just a very imaginative and positive experience – much more relevant than we’d have guessed too.’
— Bob Verhayen, DHL, Brussels

CommunicationGlib talk and slick PowerPoint presentations are everywhere – and so is cynicism about slick PowerPoint presentations and glib talk. Imagination is a much more ancient and powerful human tool and storytelling is a marvellous way of unlocking it. Being able to captivate your audience with a suitable tale means that your message can get through and be understood in quite different ways. Good storytelling can complement any kind of presentation. And learning storytelling skills improves effectiveness in all communication.

This course has relevance for communicators in all walks of life and has been taken by leading international businessmen and media experts amongst others. It is available as an in-house training for organizations.

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Communication Workshop