Storytelling for Change

Stories are powerful.  Even simple tales told in the right way at the right time to the right people can have huge effects.

There are many ways that stories and the telling of them can be harnessed for positive change. Some of the areas in which we have applied this include.
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  • Counselling and therapy
  • Health care and healing
  • Education and training
  • Social work and development
  • Business/ institutional development
  • Creative thinking and design
  • Communication and presentation
  • Philosophy and politics
  • Spirituality

Many of the same principles apply across these apparently contrasting areas. Stories can for example:-

  • Reframe/change perception
  • Unfreeze stuck situations
  • Offer new vision and altered perspective
  • Promote creative problem solving and imaginative thinking
  • Communicate difficult ideas painlessly
  • Change values on a conscious level
  • Have positive ‘planned’ unconscious effects
  • Relax and delight
  • Take you into useful states of narrowed, trance-like attention and ‘inner focus’
  • Offer nourishing metaphorical depth
  • Cultivate flexible understanding
  • Be adapted to suit all sorts and ages of people

archive2You can read more about some of the background ideas mentioned above in the various free downloadable articles in our archive, for example: The Tales we Tell as well as in our shop.

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