Sessions for children and family audiences

Rob Parkinson performingFrom theatres and arts centres, libraries and museums, festival tents and stages to open air entertainments in gardens, ruined castles and even shacks in the Australian outback and logs beside Canadian rivers – Rob Parkinson’s experience as a performer covers a fantastic range of likely and unlikely venues and a very wide age range.

The secret is an enormous but always flexible repertoire and a passion to ‘get through’ to audiences. Often billed whimsically as the ‘minstrel storyteller’, Rob lives up to the title. Traditional tales, original yarns, spontaneous, improvisations around plots, audience participation, jokes, tricks, verse, poems, original and hugely popular fantasy songs are matched to the age range and attention span of the audience on the day, always featuring an astonishing array of unusual but expertly played stringed and percussion instruments.

Rob's audience in MoscowFor more formal occasions, there are elegantly themed, still highly improvisational performances featuring mini repertoires of creatively crafted material and fun.

Workshops using the many imaginative story ideas featured in Rob’s ideas books can be arranged to accompany performances or as separate events.

To find out more about public performances for children, and family audiences and children read or download the Public Performances Information Pack (coming soon).

Fees for public events are negotiable – please don’t hesitate to haggle if your budget is small.

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