In this part of the site, you can read or download stories and plots for re-telling. More stories will be added very soon, including 4 new sets of adaptable tales for story workshops with all ages, all of them very useful for workshops leaders and teachers.


illumWishes Three

A short collection of 10 wishing stories and jokes for tellers and writers of stories, plus notes on transposing and re-telling the tales creatively.


illimshipThe Voyage of Maeldun

The classic hero quest story from the Irish 10th Century Book of the Dun Cow makes a great framework for tall tale telling work. This outline gives story frame and the principal bizarre and fantastic islands visited by Maeldun (pronounced Muldoon) and his band of heroes.


Telling Fables

Indian elephantAn extensive set of ideas for telling and writing fables and creating new stories based on them, complete with a dozen fables, some told in both elaborated and simple forms, plus examples of new stories created using fables. This set was first written as a backup to the 2009 Imaginary Journeys Story Competition for writers under 12, but remains of much interest to storytellers and makers of all ages.


Tall Tales & Likely Legends

talltalepigThis set of stories has been put together to inspire young writers entering the 2010 Tall Tales & Likely Legends competition. It features some ancient and modern examples of what a tall tale or a likely legend might be and the many different styles possible. We hope it will go on inspiring tall tall tellers and likely legend makers, complementing the story game ideas in the Imaginary Journeys booklet Tall Tale Telling.


Stories of Chuang Tzu

Chuang Tzu (Zhuangzi) is thought to have been a Chinese philosopher who lived in the 4th Century BC and whose teachings are considered amongst the most important in the Taoist tradition. A few of the wise stories that have been attributed to him or told about him have been presented in new versions in this set Stories of Chuang Tzu