Song lyrics

Here you can find free Word document downloads of some of the lyrics from the 2 popular collections of fantasy songs by Rob Parkinson produced by Imaginary Journeys. We expect to publish a book of all the lyrics in due course. Please note that lyrics are for personal use though may be duplicated for educational uses and that copyright etc. remains with Rob Parkinson and Imaginary Journeys.

The Wonderful Store
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4 favourite lyrics from The Wonderful Store

Includes The Wonderful Store, Tall Stories, It’s the Bungool and Fred the Dragon

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Wild Imaginings
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3 favourite story songs from Wild Imaginings

Includes Winston & the Wolves, Vincent the Voice and
Pandora’s Potion

3 favourite list songs from Wild Imaginings

Includes Carey’s Candybars, The Saucy Sal Spaceship and The Cat Song

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