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Qualities of Moment

A storyteller’s language of storytelling consciousness.

A paper for the University of Cape Bretton (UCCB) Storytelling Symposium, May 2001

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Your Body Doesn’t Know it’s a Story

Originally published in the Society for Storytelling’s Storylines magazine/newsletter in 2003, this very readable article explores relations between mind and body in storytelling.

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archive2Ely, Enoch & the Enchanting Bird

Originally published in the systemic therapy magazine, Context, in 2001, this absorbing article explores how traditional stories and storytelling relate to therapy.

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The Tales we Tell

A fascinating article first published in the Human Given Journal of Autumn 2006, featuring adapted extracts from Rob Parkinson’s forthcoming book, Transforming Tales (How stories change people) plus some additional material, including some stories suitable for use in various contexts where change is the focus.

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Talking to the Rawi

An extended version of an article that appeared in the Society for Storytelling’s Storylines publication, describing a fascinating encounter with a traditional public reciter of tales in a Moroccan market place.Read or download

The Extraordinary Uses of Enchantment

Bruno Bettelheim: the man and the story.
Bruno Bettelheim’s book, The Uses of Enchantment, is often quoted by storytellers and writers on storytelling as an authoritative text on the unconscious power of the traditional tale from a Freudian viewpoint. What were Bettelheim’s credentials for writing the book and how seriously should we take what he has to say? This article, originally published in Facts & Fiction magazine in 2010,  raises a few doubts and suggests some interesting answers.